The area around Bloemfontein is a Mecca for bird shooting - particular pigeon and doves. When you bring your shotgun, please remember to bring a thick glove or barrel guard as the barrels get very hot. Get a feeling of birdshooting with us at the gallery

Please advice in advance of the cartridge gauge and ammunition will be obtained for you locally.

Rock pigeons and doves may be hunted all year around peaking in the period from March to September.


Approximately 2 hours drive north of Bloemfontein you will find the wetlands surrounding Bloemhof Dam. Both mornings and evenings it is full of migrating duck and geese in all sizes and colours. Aim ahead as they fly fast. The season for duck and geese is May to August.


If you choose not to bring your own firearm, we can fit you with a high quality shotgun and ammunition.

Bird shooting


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