Bringing firearms to SA

Adele smoothes your import of firearms to South Africa.

For a small fee Adele from organises your firearm papers for you.

In Johannesburg airport, Adele will liaise with the authorities and get you safely on your domestic flight with your guns. Likewise she will assist you when going back home. 

The papers you would need include:

• A completed import form, which Adele will provide for you

• Your firearms and shotgun certificates

• Evidence of ownership of the guns (normally on firearms and shotgun certificates)

• An invitation to shoot from Malika Game Farm (which we will send to you).


Before you buy your ticket

Confirm with the airline that they accept firearms on board.


Check-in in the airport

Don’t underestimate the time it takes to check-in firearms. You would think you were the first one ever to do so.  Allow at least two hours (if not more!), and if you get through easily you can reward yourself with a relaxing beer in the departure area.


Arriving in Johannesburg

On arrival at Tampo International Airport, Johannesburg you will need to collect your baggage, including firearms before transferring to the domestic flight where you will check in again. 

To the inexperienced this can be challenging, especially if you have only limited time to transfer to the domestic flight to Bloemfontein. Hunters Permits Africa are therefore, highly recommended.

P4025524If you choose not to bring your own gun...

We can fit you with high quality rifles, shotguns and ammunition.

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Anders: +45 2016 9194


poikystewTaste our tender game

We can provide chops and boerwors for your brai, ingredients for a Vortrekker poiky and biltong of own produce.


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