Game hunting

We provide hunting experiences for all abilities from complete beginners to experienced hunters.

Shots will normally be taken at a range of 50-250 meters.

If you choose not to bring your own firearm, we can fit you with high quality rifles, shotguns and ammunition.

Enjoy Malika's game and have a look at our trophies in the gallery

If you intend to bring your own firearms Adele from will organize your firearm papers for you for a small fee. Read here how to liase with Adele.


First timers

Before you go hunting you will test your rifle at our shooting range. We will also aquaint you with various shooting positions.

When you are fully confident, we go hunting!


hunteratlake1Season for duck and geese is May to September.

Read more about bird shooting here.

casperimpalaYou can hunt all year at Malika

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Anders: +45 2016 9194



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