Hunting at Malika

According to your dreams we provide a mixture of game and bird hunting. Shooting birds is a good sport, and after a day of constant gunfire most of our guests enjoy a more peaceful - but just as challenging antelope stalk.


Hunting is important in South Africa and strict laws are in place to ensure there is a balance between conservation and hunting thereby guaranteeing ongoing sustainability. At Malika you can hunt all year. The same goes for pigeon shooting, but peak season is March to September.

We co-operate with Marakalalo Trophies for taxidermy. Please find mounts and prices at marakalalo.com.

item1Mecca for bird shooting

Thousands of pigeons and doves travel daily between Bloemfontein and the surrounding sunflower fields.

Read more about bird shooting here.

HartebeestandMortenBringing firearms to SA?

For a small fee Adele from www.hunterspermitsafrica.co.za organizes your firearm papers for you.


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